Addressing the Liability Impact

of Automated Systems

Less than one week left to the ALIAS Conference (1-2 oct 2014)

The Conference is based on invited speakers’ talks and discussion panels, as follows:

  • In the introductory session, a senior SJU representative will look at the SESAR’s contribution, based on its experience in the introduction of automated systems in aviation, with regard to new concepts and highly automated technologies. Then, the ALIAS II Scientific Coordinator will present the ALIAS II research and current results, in particular concerning the Legal Case methodology and the Network of Legal Research.
  • The first panel (Liability, responsibility and insurance in automated socio-technical systems: the integration of RPAS in commercial air space) moderated by a representative of the European UAV Systems Centre Limited (EuroUSC), and the second panel (Technical and legal aspects of innovative technologies: the case of ACAS-X), moderated by a Professor of Air Law, will be focused on legal and technical aspects of two technologies, RPAS and ACAS-X, which have been also selected within ALIAS II, for the test applications of the Legal Case. In both panels a high level of participation on the side of legal experts, industries, regulators, standard-setters and insurance companies is expected. In this way, the discussion will be stimulated and a valuable output for the project will be produced.
  • The third panel, entitled Liability for Innovative Technology (in particular software), will be moderated by an Information Technology law expert. This topic was chosen because software liability is one of the main issues in automation, and some new concepts (such as ACAS-X) introduce a number of innovations related to the software components that must be analysed from the legal/liability perspectives.
  • The fourth and fifth panels are organised in collaboration with the Centre for Judicial Cooperation at the European University Institute. They are specifically organized to involve on the one hand, judges who have dealt with cases related to automation or who are interested in discussing the topics of ALIAS, and on the other hand, human factor experts, safety experts and engineers working in this field. The discussion will be focused on the analysis of the cases involving liability and automation, both in the aviation and in other transportation domains.
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ALIAS project at the HUMANIST Summer School

The legal case developed within ALIAS will be presented at the next HUMANIST Summer School.

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