Addressing the Liability Impact

of Automated Systems

The Legal Case

The Legal Case is the novel methodology for proactive identification and management of the liability issues of new automated systems for aviation and ATM.

It promotes the design according to liabilities approach, according to which the need for changes in the allocation of liabilities should be detected and addressed before system’s deployment, through convenient technological adaptations or legal arrangements. The main expected benefit is to prevent the possibility that liability issues act as showstoppers for the development and deployment of new automated systems, as often happens in current industrial processes.

The Legal Case can be applied to any ATM concept involving automation, namely the use of an automated technology. Such notion of automation is not limited to “full automation”, where an entire task is completely delegated to a machine, but rather covers cases where humans and machines interact, with machines supporting the human operator. The Legal Case can produce different kinds of results, such as recommendations to inform the design or legal design measures, to undergo acceptability assessment by the stakeholders.

ALIAS officially launched the first release of the Legal Case during the first edition of the World ATM Congress, held in Madrid on 12-14 February 2013. The methodology has been validated and consolidated through experts’ interviews and test applications with main aviation stakeholders, with the support of EUROCONTROL.

See more on the Legal Case in this video presentation

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ALIAS project at the HUMANIST Summer School

The legal case developed within ALIAS will be presented at the next HUMANIST Summer School.

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