Addressing the Liability Impact

of Automated Systems


ALIAS is structured in two phases.

The first phase, called ALIAS (2011-2013), was launched in first WP-E call as unique initiative addressing the topic “Legal Aspects of Paradigm Shift”. It officially initiated the research on the liability impact of automated systems and released two products: the Network of Legal Research in ATM and the Legal Case.

The second phase, called ALIAS II (2014-2016), was  launched in second WP-E call as follow up activity to continue and implement the work done in the first phase. The workplan of ALIAS II includes the following milestones:

  • October 2014: the second ALIAS Conference
  • July 2015: report of the Legal Case validation
  • October 2015: the third ALIAS Conference
  • November 2015: consolidated Legal Case
  • July 2016: digital training on the Legal Case

06/04/2017 11:50:33

ALIAS project at the HUMANIST Summer School

The legal case developed within ALIAS will be presented at the next HUMANIST Summer School.

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